slow dance

by alien stickers

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released December 19, 2016

gift sawangkum - omnichord/vocals
vincent medina - all else
art credit: luke lehner, trish caampued

gift - omnichord/vocals
vincent - guitar/vocals
coco - bass
remy - drums


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alien stickers Tampa, Florida

short but sweet

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Track Name: summer in shanghai
i can find you in any lifetime
Track Name: teen heart
i don’t know what i’m doing at the school by myself
all i know is that this mood’s nothing new
i’ll repeat old mistakes i didn’t learn from yesterday
crushing my teenage love of romance to keep me safe
winter days
Track Name: hair pins
He keeps all the hair pins that I lose in his room
It’s on a table by his bed
he tells me that i’m in his head

Come and find me
try to get me
give it your best damn shot

i’m all you wanted
you’re all I needed
think i’m the best you’ve got

I could be there if you want me
If you'd just let me in
tell me your secrets and tell me where you've been

One day you’ll find out
i’m not what you think
but for now
you can lay in bed and watch me sing these little songs for you
Track Name: sailor chibi
i can’t say the mirror never warned me
soft pink lights and she's talking dirty
2am now my vision's blurry
we still don’t know who should say sorry
Track Name: tonight you belong to me
Tonight you belong to me
for every night you want me
I smoke a cigarette in the morning
cause you still call me baby

you tell me you don’t hate me
you just wanna be alone

tonight you belong to me
you say that we’re apart but
you still say you love me

tonight you belong to me
some nights you hold me crying
some days you act so mean

but I, i belong to you
no matter what I do I keep look for those blue blue
eyes, I belong to you

I hate that you don’t want me
you hate that you need me
You still call me your baby

you still call me your baby
when I’m crying on the phone
you still tell me that i’m yours
Track Name: this song is possibly abt a lizard
You are my sunshine
You are the moonlight
You are the morning dew

You are so lovely
The skies above me
Are always blue with you

You are my everything
You are the only thing
That keeps me smiling

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